PostNord shipping (opens in a new tab) is a tool designed to fit into your checkout process, displaying detailed delivery information to each customer, which covers elements such as delivery times, pricing, and carrier options. After setting up your preferred delivery configuration, the tool takes over the remaining tasks.

This page expands upon the Common Integration Process, offering more in-depth information specifically concerning PostNord.

1. Sign agreement

Contact PostNord for more information: Integrate your e-commerce with Skicka Direkt Business (opens in a new tab)

2. Configure shipping broker

Follow the guidelines provided by PostNord to configure their service according to your specific requirements.

3. Activate shipping broker

Contact us and provide us with the necessary configuration details that you acquired from PostNord in the previous steps. We will need:

  • PostNord Access key
  • Fallback shipping text: any text of your choice that will be used in case shipping broker fails and can’t display the shipping widget.

We will then enable PostNord delivery checkout.

4. Extend API requests

See example of a fully extended request below:

  "items": [
      "description": "Product One",
      "notes": "Some notes",
      "amount": 50,
      "taxCode": "tax46",
      "taxAmount": 2,
      "quantity": 1,
      "articleNumber": "ASDASD86",
      // Extended shipping parameters ↓
      "shippingParameters": {
        "height": 300,
        "length": 300,
        "width": 30,
        "weight": 30,
        "attributes": ["Hazmat"]
    // Extended default shipping item ↓
      "Description": "Shipping",
      "Notes": "SHI001",
      "Amount": 55.0,
      "TaxCode": "0",
      "TaxAmount": 9.8,
      "Quantity": 1

Default shipping item

View Default Shipping Item section in the Common Integration Guide for more information.

Shipping parameters

The shipping parameters are specific for a single item. This is extra information PostNord will use to provide better shipping options. View Shipping Parameters section in the Common Integration Guide for more information.

ParameterData TypeNecessityDescription
heightIntegerOptionalHeight of the item in millimeters
lengthIntegerOptionalLength of the item in millimeters
widthIntegerOptionalWidth of the item in millimeters
weightIntegerOptionalWeight of the item in grams
attributesstring[]OptionalAttributes of the item. Cart Item level attributes are specific to that particular item and can be set to adjust delivery scenarios in PostNord.

E.g. ["SendAsLetter", "Prescription", "Hazmat"]
These values are passed "as is" to PostNord.

5. Include PostNord shipping widget in your page

In your page include PostNord shipping widget JavaScript bundles.


Include timestamp for each JavaScript bundle. You can use JS, this will prevent the browser from caching the shipping module JavaScript bundle and make sure to load the latest version when available.

For more details and demo of PostNord shipping widget check PostNord Shipping Module Guide (opens in a new tab)

6. Obtain shipping details

After a purchase is successfully completed, the Payment Status response will include additional shipping data within the modules section, encompassing all essential shipping information including the unique id of preliminary booked shipping.