Checkout 3.0
Provider-Specific Integration Guide

Provider-Specific Integration Guide

Currently, we support three shipping brokers in production, with one more in the development phase:

Each of these shipping brokers provide a unique set of features and capabilities tailored to your business needs.


Ingrid Checkout is a tool designed to fit into your checkout process, displaying detailed delivery information to each customer, which covers elements such as delivery timings, pricing, and carrier options. After setting up your preferred delivery configuration, the tool takes over the remaining tasks. Integrate with Ingrid


Using nShift Checkout you can present accurate and relevant delivery options in your webshop, as well as customize shipping experience for your customer. Integrate with nShift


Simplify shipping management and improve the customer experience with PostNord's convenient Avarda Checkout integration. With a connection between Avarda Checkout and Skicka Direkt Business, you can easily display the shipping options you want to offer your customers at checkout. Each shipping order appears directly in Skicka Direkt Business when a customer has made a purchase, and you can then print the shipping label and send the package. Integrate with PostNord

Partner Shipping

Partner Shipping is designed to empower you to develop and integrate your own tailor-made shipping broker with us, eliminating the need for an external provider. However, if you prefer not to create a custom solution, there are external providers already integrated with our Partner Shipping API that you can opt for. Integrate with Partner Shipping