Checkout 3.0
Shipping Parameters

Shipping Parameters

You have the ability to append shipping parameters to an Item, which serve as additional information that the shipping broker can utilize to offer improved shipping options. The applicability of these parameters depend on the selected shipping broker.

  "items": [
      "description": "Product One",
      "notes": "Some notes",
      "amount": 50,
      "taxCode": "tax46",
      "taxAmount": 2,
      "quantity": 1,
      "articleNumber": "ASDASD86",
      "shippingParameters": {
        "height": 300,
        "length": 300,
        "width": 30,
        "weight": 30,
        "attributes": ["Hazmat"]

Object reference

ParameterData TypeNecessityDescription
heightIntegerOptionalHeight of the item in millimeters
lengthIntegerOptionalLength of the item in millimeters
widthIntegerOptionalWidth of the item in millimeters
weightIntegerOptionalWeight of the item in grams
attributesstring[]OptionalAttributes of the item. This can be any value that matches your shipping broker configuration.

ShippingParameters object