Checkout 3.0
Getting started

Getting started

To set up and integrate a shipping broker, simply follow these steps:

  • Sign an agreement with a shipping broker: Establish a formal partnership with the shipping broker of your choice. View supported shipping brokers
  • Configure the chosen shipping broker: Follow the guidelines provided by the shipping broker to configure their service according to your specific requirements.
  • Activate shipping broker in checkout form: contact us and provide us with the necessary configuration details, and we will enable the shipping broker in your checkout form.
  • Extend API request with optional parameters: Extend the API requests to include optional parameters that may enhance the functionality of the shipping broker service.
  • Obtain shipping details following a completed purchase: After a purchase is successfully completed, the payment status response will include additional shipping data within the “modules” section, encompassing all essential shipping information needed to deliver your orders.

Some details in the process differ slightly for each shipping broker provider. The recommended next steps are to go through the detailed Common Integration Guide and then the Provider-Specific Integration Guide.