Checkout 3.0
Common Integration Guide

Common Integration Guide

This section will explain the common process used by all shipping brokers. For details about your chosen shipping broker, look into the Provider-Specific Integration Guide section.

1. Sign agreement

Establish a formal partnership with the shipping broker of your choice.

2. Configure shipping broker

Follow the guidelines provided by your chosen shipping broker to configure their service according to your specific requirements.

3. Activate shipping broker

Contact us and provide us with the necessary configuration details that you acquired from the shipping broker in the previous steps. We will then enable the shipping broker in your checkout form.

4. Extend API requests

For a more comprehensive integration of the shipping broker into your checkout form, we’ve extended the functionalities of our API requests. The two specific requests that now include additional shipping information are Initialize Payment and Update Items.

View example below of a fully extended Initialize Payment request:

  "language": "English",
  "mode": "B2C",
  "items": [
      "description": "Product One",
      "notes": "Some notes",
      "amount": 50,
      "taxCode": "tax46",
      "taxAmount": 2,
      "quantity": 1,
      "articleNumber": "ASDASD86",
      // Extended shipping parameters ↓
      "shippingParameters": {
        "height": 300,
        "length": 300,
        "width": 30,
        "weight": 30,
        "attributes": ["Hazmat"]
    // Extended default shipping item ↓
      "Description": "Shipping",
      "Notes": "SHI001",
      "Amount": 55.0,
      "TaxCode": "0",
      "TaxAmount": 9.8,
      "Quantity": 1
  // Extended shipping settings ↓
  "shippingSettings": {
    "Vouchers": ["key=value"],
    "attributes": ["isbulky=True", "shippingclass=A"]

Default shipping item

It’s highly recommended to pass a default shipping item in case of any potential failures. Learn more

Shipping parameters

You have the ability to append shipping parameters to an Item, which serve as additional information that the shipping broker can utilize to offer improved shipping options. Learn more

Shipping settings

The shipping settings apply to the entire cart and encompass both Vouchers and Attributes. These configurations are particular to the selected shipping broker and the preferences you’ve established. Learn more

5. Obtain shipping details

After a purchase is successfully completed, the Payment Status response will include additional shipping data withi­n the “modules” section, encompassing all essential shipping information.

The information will be displayed differently depending on your chosen shipping broker.