Checkout 3.0
Pay on delivery

Pay on delivery

Checkout supports Pay on delivery for partners who requires it. Pay on delivery can be enabled in the “Partner Onboarding”. New additional payment option (Pay on delivery) is then shown in the checkout and if used the payment session and order is accepted immediately.

Please Note!

PurchaseOrder, ReturnOrder and Refund is not applicable for this Pay on delivery payment option.

Configuration in simple steps:

  1. Partner Onboarding -> Checkout sites -> Enable Pay on delivery checkbox
  2. Pass handleByMerchantCallback in Checkout initialization
  var handleByMerchantCallback = function(avardaCheckoutInstance) {
    console.log("Handle external payment here");
    // Unmount Checkout from page when external payment is handled
    "handleByMerchantCallback": handleByMerchantCallback,

Pay on delivery payment method displayed in Checkout

After user completes purchase with “Pay on delivery” method, the callback defined during initialization will be run.