MyPages API
How to Get Started

Base URLs

Test environment: (opens in a new tab)
Production environment: (opens in a new tab)


To be able to use this API you need credentials (clientId and clientSecret) provided by Avarda. These are the same credentials as you use for Checkout 3.0. If you do not have access to those credentials, please contact us.


“Partner access token” is used as authentication for all further communication with the My Pages API. The token should be sent as a Bearer Token in the header request to authenticate. You can read more about the Partner Access Token here.


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Logs into Mypages

Merchant querying data about invoices/accounts for the user

When the user logs in to merchants “my pages”, the merchant calls Avarda API using appropriate credentials Avarda API provides merchant with a list of invoices or accounts, or details on a specific one. The information is then presented to the user in their preffered way.

Strong Auth

Avarda provides redirect link for strong auth to merchant who provides it to the user

User completes strong authentication and Avarda API is informed

If user consent is required, the merchant redirects user to strong authentication through Avarda API before the information can be displayed.



Merchant initializes a checkout session for a user

The Initialization process is triggered if the user navigates to the checkout on an unpaid invoice/account. Merchant initializes checkout session by calling Avarda API, using appropriate credentials

Obtain Payment Info

Merchant loads checkout form to present the data to the user, user fills in the data required

Merchants website loads a checkout form for the session initialized in the previous step. The user chooses whether to pay full amount, minimum amout or custom amount.

Finilize Payment

User completes payment, Avarda notifies merchant about the completed payment

When the user hits the “complete payment ” button a request is sent to Avarda API. Merchant is notified by Avarda API about the successful completion of the payment and the user can be redirected to a confirmation page.