MyPages API

List of all accounts on a specific customer

To get a complete list of all accounts that belongs to a certain customer you just need to send one of their purchaseIds. This will not contain details on the accounts but could be used to present an overview of all accounts and their current status.


* Required

PropertyData typeDescription
purchaseId *stringpurchaseId
customerAuthToken *stringUnique token per customer
customerTokenProvider *string (Enum)Available values: [ Self, Google
customerAuthenticationReturnUrl *stringURL customer will return to
after identification. Since loans are considered sensitive information, the customer must show that they are permitted to access that information sensitive information


Code: 202

  "redirectUrl": "string"

redirectURL – to redirect customer for identification

Code: 200

  "id": "string",
  "currency": "SEK",
  "balance": 0,
  "type": "Invoice",
  "dueDate": "2021-11-27T16:30:11.848Z",
  "accountDate": "2021-11-27T16:30:11.848Z",
  "state": "Unpaid",
  "paymentReference": "string",
  "purchaseId": ["string"],
  "myPagesLiveUrl": "string",
  "scheduledPaymentAmount": 0,
  "scheduledPaymentChargeDate": "2021-11-27T16:30:11.848Z",
  "transactions": [
      "description": "string",
      "notes": "string",
      "amount": 0,
      "taxAmount": 0,
      "taxCode": "string",
      "transactionType": "string",
      "transactionDate": "2021-11-27T16:30:11.848Z",
      "orderReference": "string"
  "minimumAmountToPay": 0,
  "originalAmount": 0,
  "receiver": "string",
  "bankAccount": "string",
  "aprData": {
    "creditAmount": 0,
    "months": 0,
    "perMonth": 0,
    "percent": 0,
    "totalCredit": 0,
    "totalAmount": 0,
    "interestRate": 0,
    "invoiceFee": 0
  "orderReference": ["string"]

Response parameters

PropertyData typeDescription
idstringAccount ID
currency *string (Enum)CurrencyCodes: [ SEK, EUR, NOK, DKK ]
balance *number (decimal)
type *string (Enum)AccountType: [ Invoice, Loan, LargeAmountLoan, B2BInvoice, DirectInvoice ]
dueDate *string (DateTime)Account due date
accountDate *string (DateTime)Account date
state *string (Enum)PaymentStatusTypes: [ Unpaid, Paid, Postponed, Overdue, NotProduced, Transferred, PaymentScheduled, ProcessingPayment ]
paymentReferencestringThe bank account number associated with the payment.
purchaseId[string]Unique ID to customers purchase
myPagesLiveUrlstringURL to our “live invoice” for the customer
scheduledPaymentAmountNumber (Decimal)Amount for scheduled payments
scheduledPaymentChargeDateString (DateTime)Charge day for scheduled payments
[ Transaction { description notes amount* taxAmount* taxCode transactionType transactionDate*
orderReference }]
s_tring_ _string_ _number (Decimal)_ _number (Decimal)_ _string_ _string_ _string(DateTime)_ _string_Transactions on invoice Merchants description Merchants item notes Item price Tax amount Tax code Date of transaction Merchants order reference on transaction
minimumAmountToPay *number (Decimal)Lowest amount customer can pay. If a customer pay an invoice and choose to pay an amount lower than total amount of the invoice, they will be rolled over to loan.
originalAmount *number (Decimal)
receiverstringPayment receiver – Avarda
bankAccountstringAvarda bank account where to pay the invoice
AprData {
totalCredit* totalAmount* interestRate* invoiceFee* }
_number (Decimal)_ _Integer (int32)_ _number (Decimal)_ _number (Decimal)_ _number (Decimal)_ _number (Decimal)_ _number (Decimal)_ _number (Decimal)_
orderReference[string]Merchant custom ID reference