Authorization API
POST /authorization/{id}/Cancel

This method allows partners to cancel payments. A call to this method should be performed after authorization. For Invoices and loans, the reserved credit amount will be removed. For cards and direct bank, a refund will be performed for the authorized amount.

Input Parameters

NameData TypeDefault ValueDescription
IDStringNone. Must be specified.AuthorizationID acquired from direct-invoice, invoice, loan or part-payment
ReasonStringNone. Must be specified.Reason for cancelling payment.

Example request

  "Reason": "I do not want this item anymore."

Return Value

If successful, the method returns an HTTP status code 200 (OK) with no additional content.

Not successful, the method returns an HTTP status code 422 with an error description in the body.

    "ErrorCode": "10005",
    "ErrorMessage": "Invalid or missing external ID."

Error Messages

CancelAuthorization denied – PurchaseOrder, ReturnOrder or RefundOrder was already called No authorization found Operation denied – ExternalId is incorrect. Invalid or missing external ID