Authorization API

Authorization API

For merchants where full Avarda Checkout+ solution is not suitable or desired. Credit products Invoice, Loan and Part payment are supported for markets DK, FI, NO, SE .

Solution is based on rest APIs and partner handle the user dialog. Strong authentication/Electronic ID validation might be required for some scenarios – merchant then redirects user to the URL Avarda provides in the reponse where strong authentication can be peformed.

What needs to be prepared?

  • Sign Agreement with Avarda. Contact if you want to know more or get help.
  • Avarda creates user credentials for API:s and configure payment methods and options.
  • Partner installs E-com module or integrates towards Avarda API.
  • Test, Launch and Go live.

Avarda Authorization API credit process

Avarda Authorization API credit process


  • Authenticate via oAuth2 using your ClientID/ClientSecret recevied from Avarda.

  • Post authorization request to Avarda Authorization API Direct-Invoice, Invoice, Loan or Part-Payment.

  • Check HTTP response:

    • 201 – Credit request approved by Avarda. Continue and fulfill order on partner side.
    • 202- Credit request requires strong auth. Redirect to Electronic ID validation.
    • 400 – Request has bad format or some of its data did not pass validation.
    • 422 – Credit request was denied.
  • If HTTP Response 202 – Strong Auth is REQUIRED:

    • Check response – if http response is 202 then electronic ID validation/strong auth is required. Response contains authoriationID and redirect url.
    • redirect user to Avarda strong auth service defined in the redirect url.
    • After electronicID validation/strong auth is successful then Avarda redirect user back to predefined partner URL with additional query parameter ?AuthorizationID=abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvz.
    • Example: (opens in a new tab)
  • Merchant after redirect back from Avarda checks status on the credit request via api /authorization/{id}. If status approved then it is ok fulfill the order.

  • On delivery – post request to Order and charge customer.

  • If return – post request to Return and credit customer.

  • If cancel – post request to Cancel to remove credit reservation