Standalone Credit
POST /CheckOut2Api/Commerce/CancelPayment

This method allows partner to cancel payment. A call to this method should be performed after authorization. For Invoice and loans the reserved credit amount will be removed. For Cards and direct bank a refund will be preformed for the authorized amount.

Input Parameters

NameData TypeDefault ValueDescription
ExternalIdStringNone. Must be specified.An ID acquired when initializing a Check-Out session.
ReasonStringNone. Must be specified.Reason for cancelling payment.

Example request

  "ExternalId": "19ac0d1ee909c302d212b4324d9194b5",
  "Reason": "I do not want this item anymore."

Return Value

If successful, the method returns a HTTP status code 200 (OK) with no additional content.

Not successful, the method returns a HTTP status code 400 with error description in body.

    "ErrorCode": "10005",
    "ErrorMessage": "Invalid or missing external ID."

Error Messages

CancelAuthorization denied – PurchaseOrder, ReturnOrder or RefundOrder was already called No authorization found Operation denied – ExternalId is incorrect. Invalid or missing external ID