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Convert to Checkout 3.0

Following article will explain the major changes between the Checkout 2.0 and Checkout 3.0 in order to give an overview for converting from the previous version. Additionally you are able to find links to all steps necessary for smooth transition.


Base API URLs are changed, all communication between our partners and the Checkout 3.0 should be done on our new API on following URLs:

Stage environment:

Production environment:


Authentication is changed from Basic authentication token (Site Code and Site Password) to Bearer token (generated by providing clientId and clientSecret). This change provides additional security by using industry OAuth standard, rotating and refreshing tokens through their natural expiration and some other features. More information can be found in

Initialize Payment

New init payment payload structure introduced for easier future extensions and to closely match response structure for Get Payment Status request. Additionally the extension provides partners with better and easier configuration of current payment session. More information under

Showing Checkout Form

Checkout 3.0 form is no longer IFRAME inserted into partner’s page. Process of embedding the Checkout Form remains unchanged but instead of IFRAME – small Javascript application is inserted directly into the partner’s page. This change provides more options for direct communication between Checkout Form and the parent page, better customization, better support for mobile devices and other platforms and much more. More info about showing the new Checkout Form can be found here: <link placeholder>

Confirm Payment

All features supported for Delivery, Refunds and Returns. Simplified API calls – same functionality. Details can be found here:

Additional Steps

TBD. More info here: