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Checkout 2.0

Authorize API

POST /CheckOut2Api/AuthorizeDirectInvoice
POST /CheckOut2Api/AuthorizeInvoice  (monthly invoice)
POST /CheckOut2Api/AuthorizeLoan

POST /CheckOut2Api/AuthorizeInvoiceEID (with electronic Id validation)
POST /CheckOut2Api/AuthorizeLoanEID (with electronic Id validation)

When API integration is a better choice for credit authorization or credit decision Avarda offers Authorization Direct Invoice , Authorization Invoice (Monthly Invoice) and Authorization Loan.

API with electronicID validation – AuthorizeInvoiceEID

Use cases could for example be integration from merchant customer service applications, POS or smart phone app were Avarda checkout user dialog is not suitable.

Both Api:s returns similar purchase id as checkout application would have so delivery integration can be reused if desired. Authorization Loan function can also distribute terms and conditions to to the end customer via email or text message if desired.

The checkout application can also be distributed to end customer via email or text message link. Merchant triggers the purchase to the customer via API or backend in Avarda Online where purchase details, phone or email are defined. End customer receives a payment link and fulfills the purchase via their smartphone.

Example request – AuthorizeDirectInvoice

  "IdentificationNumber": "191704109279",
  "Description": null,
  "ReferenceName": "Test",
  "ReferenceId": "Test", 
  "UserLanguageCode": null,
  "Phone": "041234567",
  "Mail": "Testperson@avarda.comm",
  "IsPhoneAndMailEditable": null,
  "Price": 82.72,
  "InvoicingFirstName": "Testname",
  "InvoicingLastName": "Testlastname",
  "InvoicingAddressLine1": "Address X11",
  "InvoicingZip": "11136 ",
  "InvoicingCity": "Jyväskylä",
  "DeliveryFirstName": "Testname",
  "DeliveryLastName": "Testlastname",
  "DeliveryAddressLine1": "Address X11",
  "DeliveryZip": "11136 ",
  "DeliveryCity": "JYVÄSKYLÄ",
  "IsDeliveryEditable": false,
  "UseDifferentDeliveryAddress": true,
  "Items": [
      "Description": "HD7462/21 Daily Collection kahvinke",
      "Notes": "HH1018333",
      "Amount": 39.9,
      "TaxCode": "24",
      "TaxAmount": 7.72
      "Description": "Ultra Kevät -pussilakanasetti, jade",
      "Notes": "HH1010279",
      "Amount": 35.92,
      "TaxCode": "24",
      "TaxAmount": 6.95
      "Description": "Toimitus- ja kasittelykulut",
      "Notes": "Toimituskulut",
      "Amount": 6.9,
      "TaxCode": "24",
      "TaxAmount": 1.34
  "ProductGroup": null,
  "LoyaltyNumber": null,
  "OrderReference": "2000099999",
  "DefaultPaymentMethod": 0,
  "HidePersonalDetails": "0",
  "CustomerToken": "",
  "IsB2B": null,
  "OfferRecPmt": true,
  "PreSelectRecPmt": true,
  "CompanyName": "string",
  "Emailinvoice": 0,
  "OfferNewsLetter": true