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Checkout 2.0


POST /CheckOut2Api/GetPaymentStatus

Returns information about a single purchase identified by a Purchase ID.

Input Parameters

NameData TypeDefault valueDescription
PurchaseIdStringNone. Must be specifiedThe ID obtained during the negotiation phase that identified the purchase.

Example request


Output parameters

The method returns an object that differs if the purchase was loan, invoice, direct payment or card payment.

NameData TypeDescriptionInvoiceLoanCard paymentDirect payment
AccountNumberStringThe bank account number associated with the payment.  
InvoicingFirstNameStringThe first name of the customer on the invoicing address.
InvoicingLastNameStringThe last name of the customer on the invoicing address.
InvoicingAddressLine1StringThe first line of the invoicing address.
InvoicingAddressLine2StringThe second line of the invoicing address.
InvoicingZipStringThe ZIP code on the invoicing address.
InvoicingCityStringThe city on the invoicing address.
InvoicingCountryStringThe Country of the invoicing address (e.g. Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark)
AccountClassCodeStringCode of account class for this purchase.
PurchaseIdStringThe same Purchase ID that was passed as an input parameter.
StateEnumeration CheckOutPurchaseStateThe current state of the purchase.
DescriptionStringThe description provided by partner’s site.
PriceDecimalThe total amount to pay.
CreatedDateTimeThe local date and time at which the purchase has been negotiated.
BeingProcessedNullable DateTimeThe local date and time at which the form was first rendered. Null if the form hasn’t been shown yet.
CompletedNullable DateTimeThe local date and time at which the purchase has been completed. Null if the purchase hasn’t been completed yet.
CancelledNullable DateTimeThe local date and time at which the purchase has been canceled. Null it the purchase hasn’t been cancelled (yet).
SiteCodeStringThe code of the partner’s site at which the purchase has been made.
CountryCodeStringA three-letter ISO country code (see associated with the partner’s site at which the purchase has been made.
CurrencyCodeStringThe three-letter code of the currency in which the purchase has been made. For Example “SEK” or EUR
PhoneStringThe phone number that the customer typed-in into the form.
MailStringThe e-mail address that the customer typed-in into the form.
DeliveryFirstNameStringThe first name of the customer on the delivery address.
DeliveryLastNameStringThe last name of the customer on the delivery address.
DeliveryAddressLine1StringThe first line of the delivery address.
DeliveryAddressLine2StringThe second line of the delivery address.
DeliveryCityStringThe city of the delivery address.
DeliveryCountryStringThe country of the delivery address.
OrderReferenceStringMerchant custom ID reference.
AuthenticationTypeEnumeration CheckOutAuthenticationTypeType of authentication for this purchase.
PaymentMethodEnumeration PaymentMethodType of payment.
IsRecurringPaymentBooleanDiffers if payment is recurring.
RecPmtTokenStringRecurring payment token.
CardExpirationDateStringCard expiration date stored in this format “YYMM”.   
MaskedCardNumberStringMasked card number for security purpose.   
CardBrandStringBrand cards.   
CustomerTokenStringRemember me token. Can be used to auto load customer for next purchase if logged in.
IsOrganizationBooleanDifferantiate B2B and B2C.
ReferenceNameStringReference name for better handling.
CompanyNameStringName of the company.
NewsLetterValueBooleanIf the value is true, newsletter is checked.
OfferedNewsLetterSettingsBooleanServes for displaying the newsletter.
NewsLetterSMSValue BooleanIf the value is true, newsletterSMS is checked.

BooleanServes for displaying the newsletter.
OrganizationNumberStringReturns organization number if there is any value.
B2BAdditionalInfoStringAdditional information for B2B purchases. symbol checked symbol checkedsymbol checkedsymbol checked
CustomerTypeEnumIf CustomerType = null or 0 load both options for Private/Company.
If CustomerType = 1 load only Private alternative.
If CustomerType = 2 load only Company alternative.
AttachmentStringThe last attached custom data if any; otherwise, null.
CustomerBalanceDecimalCurrent balance for order delivery. Amount up to this value is accepted for new purchase orders. Amount includes eventual tolerance and previous part deliveries.

Return Value

  "AccountNumber": "191234567890",
  "InvoicingFirstName": "FirstName",
  "InvoicingLastName": "LastName",
  "InvoicingAddressLine1": "Invoicing address line",
  "InvoicingAddressLine2": null,
  "InvoicingZip": "60359",
  "InvoicingCity": "City",
  "AccountClassCode": "7",
  "PurchaseId": "19ac0d1ee909c302d212b4324d9194b5",
  "State": 2,
  "Description": "Blue ball",
  "Price": 111.11,
  "Created": "2017-04-12T14:19:31.19",
  "BeingProcessed": "2017-04-12T14:19:34.007",
  "Completed": "2017-04-12T14:19:58.117",
  "Cancelled": null,
  "SiteCode": "TestSweden1",
  "CountryCode": "SWE",
  "CurrencyCode": "SEK",
  "Phone": "074594175",
  "Mail": "email@email.em",
  "DeliveryFirstName": null,
  "DeliveryLastName": null,
  "DeliveryAddressLine1": null,
  "DeliveryAddressLine2": null,
  "DeliveryZip": null,
  "DeliveryCity": null,
  "DeliveryCountry": null,
  "OrderReference": "45612",
  "AuthenticationType": 0,
  "PaymentMethod": 2,
  "IsRecurringPayment": false,
  "RecPmtToken": "49872728d3bef6fe3203c7678b4ecc56",
  "CardExpirationDate": null,
  "MaskedCardNumber": null,
  "CardBrand": null,
  "IsOrganization": true,
  "ReferenceName": "string",
  "CompanyName": "string",
  "B2BAdditionalInfo": "Second contact person is Stefan"
  "NewsLetterValue": true,
  "OfferedNewsLetterSettings": true,
  "NewsLetterSMSValue": true,
  "CustomerBalance" : 150.11,
  "OfferedNewsLetterSMSSettings": true

Enumeration States

The enumeration describes the state of a single Purchase. Please refer to the diagram in Purchase States chapter to see possible transitions between states.

New0The partner site just negotiated a session but the Check-Out form hasn’t been shown in a browser yet.
BeingProcessed1The customer is going through the Check-Out wizard.
Completed2The Check-Out has been successfully completed.
Error3The Check-Out session has been canceled either by the user or due to an error.
WaitingForSignicat4A redirect to Signicat website has been made and the customer hasn’t get redirected back to the original page yet. It purchases gets stuck it this state, a possible cause is that the page of the partner site that hosts the Check-Out form doesn’t handle redirects correctly.
SessionTimedOut5The session timed out or wasn’t even created for a long time after the purchase has been initialized.
WaitingForCardPayments6A redirect to card payment provider has been made and the customer hasn’t been redirected back to the original page yet. Same as with WaitingForSignicat state, if purchases gets stuck in this state, the host page might not be able to render itself repeatedly.
WaitingForBankId7Waiting for response from BankId application.
Cancelled8When merchant calls CancelPayment method and order is canceled.
WaitingForFinnishDirectPayment9The customer has been redirected to a Finnish bank for a direct payment.
WaitingCreditApproval10Waiting for Credit approval from merchant.
CreditNotApproved11If credit isn´t approved by merchant, purchase is in this state.
WaitingForSwishPayment12Waiting for response from Swish application.
PaymentHandledByMerchant13The customer has started External payment method.