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Checkout 2.0


POST /CheckOut2Api/GetInvoiceDetails

Returns detailed invoice information about a single purchase identified by a Purchase ID. Intended use is for merchants that wants to print and distribute their own invoices.

Input Parameters

NameData TypeDefault valueDescription
PurchaseIdStringNone. Must be specifiedThe ID obtained during the negotiation phase that identified the purchase.

Example request


Output parameters

The method returns invoice details for merchants that wants to print and distribute their invoices them selfs. Method returns values for completed purchases with payment type Invoice, Loan, Part Payment or Direct invoice.

NameData TypeDescription
PurchaseIDStringUnique key to the purchase. 

InvoicingFirstNameStringThe first name of the customer on the invoicing address.
InvoicingLastNameStringThe last name of the customer on the invoicing address.
InvoicingAddressLine1StringThe first line of the invoicing address.
InvoicingAddressLine2StringThe second line of the invoicing address.
InvoicingZipStringThe ZIP code on the invoicing address.
InvoicingCityStringThe city on the invoicing address.
CompletedStringDate and time for completed checkout purchase.
Invoice Amount
StateEnumeration CheckOutPurchaseStateThe current state of the purchase.
TotalAutorizedAmount inclusive eventual tolerance.
MinimumAmountToPayDecimalMinimum amount to pay. Customer will be rolled over to account.
DueDateDateTimeinvoice due date
invoice issued date
BankAccountstringAvarda bank account where to pay the invocie.
Class List of Items

Purchase items
Class List of Items

Credit / return items
AliasAccountstringPaymentReference for double invocie
ReceiversringPayment receiver – Avarda

Response Value example

    "PurchaseId": "22d27ed7947d3b8ba3d122fe581c9f7b",
    "State": 2,
    "InvoicingFirstName": "FirstName",
    "InvoicingLastName": "LastName",
    "InvoicingAddressLine1": "InvoiceAddreeLine1",
    "InvoicingAddressLine2": "InvoiceAddreeLine2",
    "InvoicingZip": "65226",
    "InvoicingCity": "City",
    "Completed": "2019-08-30T13:20:32.177",
    "TotalAmount": 10.55,
    "TotalAuthorizedAmount": 31.84,
    "MinimumAmountToPay": 70.0,
    "BankAccount": "475 20 04-4",
    "DueDate": "2019-09-29T13:20:54.297",
    "InvoiceDate": "2019-08-30T13:20:54.297",
    "AccountNumber": "123456789",
    "AliasAccount" : "123456789",
    "Receiver" : "Avarda",
    "DebitItems": [
            "Description": "Description",
            "Notes": "Notes",
            "Amount": 10.55,
            "TaxCode": null,
            "TaxAmount": 10.45
    "CreditItems": []