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Checkout 2.0

Checkout 2.0

What needs to be prepared?

  • Sign Agreement with Avarda. Contact if you want to know more or get help.
  • Avarda creates user credentials for API:s and configure payment methods and options.
  • Merchant installs E-com module or integrates towards Avarda checkout.
  • Test, Launch and Go live.

Avarda checkout process overview 

  1. Initialize payment – Authorize and start payment session via backend API call. Retreive payment session key back.
  2. Load iframe with received payment key via embedded javascript. Avarda checkout is loaded – customer can walk through the payment dialogs.
  3. When payment session is completed Avarda notifies the webshop via a javascript event – Done. Additional callback also possible.
  4. Merchant verify payment status via a backend API call to GetPaymentStatus.
  5. If successful – load confirmation and “thank you for your order” page.
  6. When goods are delivered – send PurchaseOrder to charge the customer for delivered goods. Avarda will pay merchant for delivered orders on this message.
  7. If return are required – send ReturnOrder and credit the customer for returned goods, card payments is refunded to card, direct bank or swish refunded to bank account.



Phone +46 10 161 33 10

Phone +358 0203 36 006