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Checkout 2.0

API Reference

List of API Methods

Service URLs

There are two separate services available:

  • A demo instance for development and testing purposes. Demo instances may have more relaxed security requirements than production instances to make development easier.
  • A production instance that strictly requires HTTPS and rejects all unencrypted HTTP requests.


  • URLs might differ from those listed in this document.
  • Demo and production instances are independent on the other and do not share any data.
  • The URLs mentioned in the List of API Methods are relative to the root of the Check-Out application. If, e.g. the application URL is and a relative URL of an API method is /CheckOut2Api/MyMethod, the resulting fully qualified URL would be
InitilaizePaymentPOSTPasses information about an order from the partner site to the service and negotiates a new session.
GetPaymentStatusPOSTReturns information about a single purchase identified by a Purchase ID.
GetPaymentStatusQueuePOSTReturns all completed purchases following specified PurchaseID or date
UpdateItemsPOSTThe method is called when content in cart is changed and is necessary to reload checkout.
PurchaseOrderPOSTThe method allows partners to invoice a customer.
ReturnOrderPOSTThe method allows to submit a return or to make a price adjustment of a purchase.
RefundOrderPOSTThe method allows merchant to refund money.
CancelPaymentPOSTThe method allows partner to cancel payment.
AuthorizeRecurringPaymentPOSTThe method allows partner to authorize recurring payment.
SearchCustomerDetailsPOSTThe method allows partner to authorize recurring payment.
AuthorizeInvoicePOSTThe method creates an autorization request for payment method inovice.
AuthorizeLoanPOSTThe method creates an autorization request for payment method Loan.
UpdateOrderNumberPOSTThe method allows partner to update order number on an existing order.
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